Club Rules (Constitution)
The name of the club is West Hove Football Club (WHFC)

Purpose of the Club
The purpose of the club is to arrange children’s social activities and football training and to compete in the Sussex Sunday Youth Football League (or other relevant league) and various tournaments. The club’s intention is to abide by all league rules including child safeguarding requirements. It is entirely non-profit and run by volunteers.

Club Membership
Potential members (players) must apply on the Membership Application Form and membership is at the sole discretion of the Club Committee.
The members of the club are the children listed in the ‘Membership Register’ to be maintained by the Club Secretary.

Coaching Staff Responsibility
All coaches/coaching assistants will read and comply with the Sussex Sunday Youth Football League Official Handbook, as updated each season.

Payment of Subscriptions
The non-returnable annual registration and subscription fee is decided by the Club Committee. Members will be deemed to have resigned 2 months after the payment becomes overdue with no right of appeal.
Full year payment is required in advance by a date set by the club committee each year (pre-season).

Resignation, Suspension or Expulsion of Players
Resigning or expelled players must return all kit/property within 14 days. Players suspended or resigning mid-season, or at any time after payment, are not entitled to a return of any part of the annual fee. Any return/part return of fees paid by players involuntarily expelled by WHFC will be at the discretion of the club committee.

Composition of the Club Committee
The Club Committee consists of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Child Welfare Officer and one member of the coaching staff from each team. These are voluntary positions and can change. If more than one person volunteers for any given role then the role will be decided by a club committee vote. The club committee also has the power to create, dissolve or amalgamate position(s) in the future. A seat can be declared vacant after 3 missed meetings.
The quorum is 5, each committee member has one vote and the chairman has the casting vote on any split decision.

Club Finances
A community bank account (the ‘club account’) exists for the sole purpose of banking subscriptions and making payments directly associated with the running of the club. Any one of the signatories can authorise payments and sign cheques.
Any fines acquired in the playing of matches will be paid by the parent/guardian of the child or the coach as applicable i.e. the person whose behaviour caused the fine, shall pay the fine and any associated fees.
The Treasurer will be responsible for accounting for all transactions through the account.

If members, parents or guardians feel that they cannot resolve an issue with the child’s coach directly, then they can email the Chairman at
The Chairman will then discuss the complaint with the club committee at the next scheduled meeting and will e-mail a response back to the complainant.

Dissolution of the Club
A resolution to dissolve the club can only be proposed at a meeting where the best interests of the players should be at the heart of any decision.
Any surplus assets remaining can be transferred to another Club, Charity or otherwise donated to community sports.

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